French Classes for Beginners in Toronto

Looking to learn the language of love? French Language Solutions offers beginner French classes for both kids and adults.

Learning French can open up many opportunities when it comes to your career, education, immigration, and travel. 

Whether you only know a few words or nothing at all, our native French-speaking teachers will help you build all the basics in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and speaking skills. Get started on learning French today by contacting us!

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Beginner French Classes for All Age Groups

Beginner French Classes for Kids

Give your child a head start in language learning with our beginner French classes for kids.

Our beginner classes are designed for children of all ages. We incorporate playful activities, songs, games, and books to introduce basic vocabulary and simple phrases that are appropriate for your child’s age level. 

We aim to make learning French enjoyable for kids to set a solid foundation for future language learning and skills.

Beginner French Classes for Adults

Our beginner French classes for adults are perfect for those looking to add a new language to their skill set.

Our beginner classes for adults focus on practical vocabulary, conversational skills, and fundamental grammar.

Whether for career advancement, travel, or just for fun, our beginner classes will help set you up with all the basics you need.

Why Learn French?

Career Opportunities

Learning French can help create new career opportunities. As a global language, French is valuable in various industries, including international business, diplomacy, and tourism. Mastering French can open doors to new job opportunities and professional growth.


Planning to immigrate or travel to a French-speaking country? Our beginner French classes provide the essential language skills needed for smooth communication allowing you to connect with locals and immerse yourself in the culture.

Educational Opportunities

Many prestigious universities and educational institutions in France and other French-speaking countries offer programs for international students. Learning French can open doors to study abroad opportunities and scholarships.

The Easiest Way To Learn French

We offer in person classes, private lessons and online french classes for people of all ages and backgrounds

In-Person Classes

$408 / month

  • 8 hours of class / month
  • One 2-hour class / week or two 1-hour classes / week
  • Language accelerator exercises between classes
  • Ongoing contact with your dedicated teacher

Private Online Classes

$249 / month

  • 6 hours of class / month
  • One 90-minute class / week or two 45-minute classes / week
  • Language accelerator exercises between classes
  • Ongoing contact with your dedicated teacher

Online Group Classes

$185 / month

    • 6 hours of class per month
    • Two 45-minute classes / week
    • Language accelerator exercises between classes
    • Ongoing contact with your dedicated teacher

How It Works

Step 1

Choose Your Course Format

Select the class format (in-person, online, group) that best suits your learning style and schedule.

Step 2

Choose Your Course Type

Let us know what your current skill level is, if any, to determine what classes you will need.

Step 3

Match With Teacher

Get matched with the perfect teacher based on your learning needs in your city or online.

Step 4

Learn French!

Begin to learn French, become fluent in the language, and discover new opportunities for growth and travel.

Why Choose Us


High-quality instruction
Guaranteed effective learning
Classes to suit your needs
Rapid results


Private coaching online
Private coaching in person
Online group classes


Cultural insights


French learning accessible to all

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Frequently Ask Questions

If you know little to no French, our beginner classes are likely the right place to start. When you inquire with us we will assess your current level and make sure you are placed in the right class. If the beginner class feels to easy, we will move you up!

Yes, you can switch between in-person and online classes. Just let your instructor know!

Absolutely! If you are taking French for school purposes, our beginner classes will give you a great foundation. Once you’ve got the basics down, we offer French tutoring and exam-specific classes (TEF) to help you excel in school and on exams. 

For online classes, you’ll need a computer or tablet with internet access, a webcam, and a microphone. We provide all of the other necessary learning materials, including textbooks and workbooks.

Our language accelerators are exercises that you can use outside of class to accelerate their progress. You will be able to go over these assignments and discuss them with your teacher to improve your understanding. 

Signing up is easy! Visit our Reserve page, choose your preferred class format (in-person, online, group), and fill out the registration form. You can also contact us directly if you have any questions!

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Our French language learning school offers top-notch classes designed for all levels of French speakers, from beginners to advanced learners.


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