French Classes for Kids

Looking for the perfect way for your child to learn French? Whether for early education, school support, or advanced language skills, French Language Solutions is here to help your child achieve fluency. Our native French-speaking instructors offer engaging classes tailored to children of all age groups. 

Our goal is to make learning French fun and enjoyable for kids. We offer in-person and online classes to fit into the busy schedules of both parents and children. 

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French Classes We Offer for Kids

Pre-School (Ages 3-5)

Give your little ones a head start with our pre-school French classes. We use playful activities, songs, games, and books to introduce basic vocabulary and simple phrases.

Our approach ensures that learning French is a fun experience for young children to set a strong foundation for future language learning.

Primary School (Ages 6-12)

Our primary school classes focus on building foundational skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. We incorporate fun activities, stories, and interactive exercises that align with the curriculum in Canada.

These classes help children develop confidence and proficiency in French while also enjoying the learning process.

High School (Ages 13-17)

Our high school classes offer more advanced instruction to prepare students for French immersion programs, bilingual education, or academic exams. Our experienced instructors guide students through complex grammar, extensive vocabulary, and conversational skills

Our high school level classes are designed to ensure students excel in their academic and personal language goals.

The Easiest Way To Learn French

We offer in person classes, private lessons and online french classes for people of all ages and backgrounds

In-Person Classes

$408 / month

  • 8 hours of class / month
  • One 2-hour class / week or two 1-hour classes / week
  • Language accelerator exercises between classes
  • Ongoing contact with your dedicated teacher

Private Online Classes

$249 / month

  • 6 hours of class / month
  • One 90-minute class / week or two 45-minute classes / week
  • Language accelerator exercises between classes
  • Ongoing contact with your dedicated teacher

Online Group Classes

$185 / month

    • 6 hours of class per month
    • Two 45-minute classes / week
    • Language accelerator exercises between classes
    • Ongoing contact with your dedicated teacher

How It Works

Step 1

Choose Your Course Format

Select the class format that best suits your child's learning style and schedule.

Step 2

Choose Your Course Type

This will be based on your child's age, current level, and academic or personal goals.

Step 3

Match With Teacher

Get matched with the perfect teacher for your child's learning needs in your city or online.

Step 4

Become Fluent in French!

Your child will become fluent in French through our engaging lessons taught by native French speakers.

Why Choose Us


High-quality instruction
Guaranteed effective learning
Classes to suit your needs
Rapid results


Private coaching online
Private coaching in person
Online group classes


Cultural insights


French learning accessible to all

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Frequently Ask Questions

We will conduct a brief assessment to determine your child’s current proficiency and place them in the appropriate level.

Yes, we offer flexible options to accommodate changing needs and schedules. Let your instructor know your schedule or if you would like to change classes and we will make it work. 

Yes, we offer preparation classes for academic exams and school support.

Yes, the instructors that run our children’s classes have backgrounds in education and how to teach French to different age groups.

The number of classes that your child will need will greatly depend on their current level, the type of class they take, and what their goals are. When we assess your child and learn what their goals are, we will be able to provide you with an estimation on how many classes they will need.

Our language accelerators are exercises that your child can use outside of class to excerate their progress. These exercises will depend on the age of your child and how much time they are able to commit to learning French outside of classes.

About us

Our French language learning school offers top-notch classes designed for all levels of French speakers, from beginners to advanced learners.


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